Our Projects

Winter Fires

A Club project which for the generosity and organisation of Sandra Leonard and her family, provide trailer loads of dry, cut wood for those in need for the cold winter months.

Club members and IYE students load many trailer loads and deliver to the clients usually during the weekends and sometimes during the week in all types of weather at that time.
It is a demand and supply process which works successfully until the supply depletes. So far we have provided wood for three winters and still we have a huge supply.
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Rotary Dictionaries In Schools

Dictionaries in NZ Schools was an initiative of Bill Boyd, a New Zealander and Past Rotary International President. It is full of colour and well illustrated. In most cases the Dictionaries are issued to every Year 4 student in a low decile school. This year in June George and PC presented the Rotary Dictionaries to the children of Ngunguru School. All students wrote their own names in their Dictionaries very neatly and with pride.

In July PC and Reo completed the second phase of presenting the Rotary Dictionaries to the children of Whangaruru School in July. A special moment for all the students and they just loved their dictionaries. They too personalised their dictionary.

International Project for Kumbeshwar Technical School

The club has now added another International project to their programme and again it is in Nepal.

Club member Michael Scutt has been visiting and trekking in Nepal annually for the past 10 years enjoying the splendor and beauty of Nepal and its mountains. He became concerned by the unbelievable poverty of the people of both the city and mountain villages but touched by the unbelievable strength of the everyday person, despite their general lack of money and asked the Club if they would like to become involved in helping Kumbeshwar Technical School as an International project.

It was about 2005, Michael was introduced to the Kumbeshwar Technical School (KTS) located in one of the poorest parts of Lalitpur in the capital city, Khatmandu and having a population of about 600 000.
KTS was founded in 1983 as a Day Care Centre for Street Sweeper Community Children. Through the last nearly 30 years, the School has developed to now provide a Nursery and Primary school (up to 14 years of age) for more than 250 children, a Children’s Home for 25 homeless children, and also provide for young men,women some of whom are physically challenged are given vocational training in carpentry, carpet weaving,spinning and hand knitting and a Child Care Centre for the children of trainees and producers.

Annually Michael has taken to the school hundreds of beanies, jumpers and scarves knitted by friends, the help from some Aid programmes sponsored by Rotary International who have helped finance the building of their new library, part of their computer room and of course books.

This year with the help of Bernina Itch To Stitch Ltd, their friends and contacts in Whangarei, the Whangarei City Rotary Club members, friends and family collected bags and bags of wool and knitted kilos of woollen garments for Michael to take to Nepal in September. A great effort by all those who have helped generously for this cause.

Magic Moments

What Is Magic Moments?
It is a charity based principle of giving anonymously to those who are not able to feed their families as they would like to established by Anthony Robbins (USA). The Rotary Club of Whangarei City was asked by the organisors of SWAP to take over and continue Magic Moments in the Whangarei area as an annual project.

The Club will provide a number of donated Christmas food baskets prepared and delivered Christmas eve to the many needy recipients many of whom are without a job, without the support of an extended family and who struggle to provide food for their family during the festive celebration.
Recipients are nominated by various Welfare groups within the Whangarei city.


Project Promise

This is a major community based project to raise funds for an Oncology Unit at the Whangarei Hospital (A Cancer Clinic to provide local treatment, support and care for cancer patients and their families). All local services including Rotary aim to raise 3 Million dollars in 3 years.

Our first support for this project was at the Ruakaka Races on Saturday 24 July where a group of our club members help with the catering services on behalf of A'Fare. It was a great day held for all and as a result much money was raised by all organisations involved.

For our next venture we held a Giant Garage Sale on Saturday 31 July at Morrison Hall on Rust Ave which was a great success. More ventures are on the drawing board for Project Promise.

Knitting For Nepal

Two Club members Robyn Banks and Margaret Clarry head off to tramp the Himalayan Mountains 30 September 2010 and decided that they would like to take warm woollen clothing items (beanies and scarves) for the local children. That got every club member in a "spin" to find the resources and family/business contacts to help out.

What was needed was lots and lots of wool and knitters and they were found.
 Bags and bags of wool were donated and Knitters from the Jane Mander Village, family members and friends, Girls from Room 12, Hikurangi Primary School, and knitters from North Power began the task of knitting woollen garments labeling the venture "Knitting for Nepal".

We now have garments galore for Robyn and Margaret to take with them.
 Thank you to all those who helped in many ways to make Project Knitting for Nepal a "spinner".

Defibrillator for the Whangarei Aquatic Centre

This project started when a club member became ill and at the scene there was no immediate interim help on hand. It therefore became a drive for him and other club members to quickly raise funds to purchase a defibrillator. It was a great success with generous contributions received from the Centurions Organsiation, Robyn Banks and proceeds from Bike Glenbervie 2010. 
The presentation of the defibrillator to the Whangarei Aquatic Centre took place at 9am, Sunday 4th July.

Bike Glenbervie

Matariki Forest's Management, is to to see the greater use made of the forest's environment. Therefore the Whangarei City Rotary Club (and the forest staff) have organised a number of cycling tracks ranging from a 5km easy track for junior riders to a more challenging 20km track for the serious mountain biker as an annual event held in March.

Bike Glenbervie 2011

Date: Sunday 20,March, 9am sign in , 10am start.
Where: Glenbervie Forest HQ, Maruata Rd, Glenbervie.

Another fantastic turnout with the ideal weather conditions for a cycle, or stroll in the forest. It was great to see so many children participating and the great family atmosphere.

Check out the Photo Gallery for the 2011 Bike Glenbervie photographs.

For further information please contact: 
Peter Smith
Phone (09) 4303186